IVC Filter

Have you been negatively effected or hurt by an IVC Filter?

 Inferior Vena Cava to stop lower body Blood Clots (DVT-deep vein thrombosis) from traveling (embolizing) to the right side of the heartIVC Filters are used to prevent blood clots from entering the heart, lungs, and brain.

Unfortunately, according to reports, some of these filters have produced serious side effects including:

  • Perforation of certain organs
  • Fracture of the device
  • Device migrated or moves
  • Device breaks
  • Retrieval of the IVC device becomes dangerous or impossible

These filters are often used for those patients that are unable to use anticoagulant drugs that are used to prevent blood clots.

As with any potential case, there are applicable statutes of limitations that apply to these cases.

If you are experiencing any complications with your IVC filter device, or even if you are not experiencing complications and you would like to discuss this matter, please contact The Lampin Law Firm L.L.C. immediately to discuss your potential case. There is no fee for your initial consultation.

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