Illegal Drug DWIs

DWI is not limited to drinking alcohol and driving, it also includes cases of drugged driving.

Many people are surprised to hear that you can be arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

In the State of Missouri, you can be charged with DWI for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of illegal street drugs such as marijuana or cocaine as well as prescription medications and even over-the-counter medications! The use of ANY type of drug or medication which impairs or interferes with the driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle may potentially lead to an arrest and possibly a conviction.

Fighting a DWI-Drugs Case in St. Charles MO

While many aspects of a DWI for drugs case in Missouri is similar to an alcohol case, there are important differences between the two. Oftentimes, a special Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) may be brought in to conduct the investigation and perform special tests to determine whether you are impaired. Also, a DWI/DUI case involving drugs typically involves the collection of blood or urine.
The criminal defense attorneys at The Lampin Law Firm understand the complexities of a drugged-driving case and know how to effectively handle these types of cases. Contact us today to discuss your case with an attorney at no charge to you.

st. charles criminal defense lawyers We are ready to immediately begin working on your case

We are ready to immediately begin working on your case

Our Firm Handles Drug DWI Charges & More

When you have been charged with drugged driving, or any Driving While Intoxicated charge, do not hesitate to contact a criminal defense lawyer at The Lampin Law Firm for help. Among our team of experienced lawyers are two former prosecutors. We are ready to immediately begin working on your case. It might be possible to have your charges dismissed by proving that there were errors in the testing procedure, or by demonstrating that the police officer violated your Constitutional rights by pulling you over without probable cause.

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