Child Support

St. Charles, Missouri Child Support Lawyers

Child Support Enforcement and Payments

Every child has a right to be supported by both parents. Child support can be established either through an administrative action with the State of Missouri or by a court judgment. It is important to consult with an experienced St. Charles attorney to determine the best course for establishing the child support obligations. The Missouri Supreme Court has established guidelines regarding the payment of Child Support and the lawyers at The Lampin Law Firm know these guidelines and are ready to explain how they impact you.

Child support services include:

  • State child support cases
  • Paternity cases
  • Divorce
  • Modification of child support orders

Provide your children with the support they deserve

A divorce or custody action can be devastating to a child, oftentimes leading to feelings of instability and insecurity. In any proceeding involving children, their welfare is considered to be the most important issue to be addressed by the Family Law Court.

When dealing with the issue of child support, having a skilled Missouri child support attorney is crucial to ensuring your children will have the resources they need to maintain their quality of life with both parents.

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st. charles Lampin Attorneys consider financial circumstances, among other factors, in determining fair child support

Attorneys at the Lampin Law Firm will explain how child support is determined/calculated in the state of Missouri

Compassionate service

We understand that child support disputes can be extremely difficult. Our attorneys will work to apply the law to your financial circumstances when calculating child support.

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