Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Lampin Attorneys Help to Find Alternatives to Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy cases need professionals with experience like Lampin AttorneysBankruptcy protection can help many individuals and families achieve the fresh start they are looking for.

However, sometimes bankruptcy is not the best option, or there may be better alternatives to bankruptcy.  Our consumer protection attorneys will review your situation and look at all the alternatives to bankruptcy that may help you attack your debt. Some alternatives to Bankruptcy to consider include:

Defending a Lawsuit

If you have been sued by a Credit Card, Collection Agency, or other entity due to a debt you owe, you need to properly defend that lawsuit.

Many times individuals will not recognize the plaintiff suing them on a credit card lawsuit. The debt has been bought and sold many times over and the trail back to the original credit card company has been lost. If you are being sued by a collection agency, defending a case may be your best option.

Advantages of using a Bankruptcy Alternative

  • Protecting your credit score
  • Saving bankruptcy for a bigger financial emergency

Remember, there is a time limit between when you can file for bankruptcy again.

  • Reducing costs of both in attorney fees and court fees
  • Reduced the number of investigations into your financial situation from outside parties
  • Protecting personal property

Negotiating with a Creditor outside of bankruptcy

In some cases, your financial difficulty hasn’t resulted in any lawsuits. In this case, many times, a creditor can be negotiated with to reduce the burden of the debt and make payment arrangements that meet your needs, not the needs of the collection agency. Interest rates, principal, late fees, and payoff amounts can all be negotiated. If the debt you are facing is a mortgage our attorneys may be able to help you as well. Many creditors would rather negotiate with an experienced consumer protection attorney and receive a portion of the debt paid than face receiving absolutely nothing after a bankruptcy is filed.

st. charles Interest rates, principal, late fees, and payoff amounts can all be negotiated

Interest rates, principal, late fees, and payoff amounts can all be negotiated

How to find the best alternative to bankruptcy in your situation

  1. Set up an appointment with one of our experienced consumer protection attorneys
  2. Sit down with us to conduct a full review of your financial situation
  3. Discuss your options and see if you may be able to avoid bankruptcy
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