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The Lampin Law Firm is located in St. Charles County, MO. Our Bankruptcy Attorneys represent clients across the entire State of Missouri as well as many areas in Southern Illinois.

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Bankruptcy cases need professionals with experience like Lampin AttorneysNo one wants to have to file for bankruptcy relief. But, if you are struggling with debts that are growing out of control, it can feel like there is no other way out.  Many people see bankruptcy as a last resort. However, it may actually be the best option for many people facing debts they can’t pay. This is especially true if you are facing a garnishment, repossession, or any other difficulties.

The best thing a bankruptcy can do is stop the harassing phone calls from a collection agency. Using a qualified bankruptcy lawyer will help put a stop to collection efforts.

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We are here to make life easier on you and take the weight off of your shoulders so that you can move forward with your life like you deserve.

Using our extensive experience, we can help you make informed decisions about which form of bankruptcy is right for you.

Don’t sign away your rights! Lampin Law Firm helps clients understand their rights and options for filing bankruptcy.

No two bankruptcy cases are identical, our attention to detail allows us to create a winning strategy to meet your needs


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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Many debtors may be eligible to file a fresh start bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is more often known as a “fresh start” bankruptcy. This is because you complete a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in a short period of time. The trustee uses the non-exempt assets of a debtor to pay off the creditors. However, in most cases, debtors will not have any non-exempt assets to turn over to the trustee. Meaning, most people who file for bankruptcy do not lose any property. This is why it is important to hire a qualified bankruptcy attorney to protect your property.

Chapter 7 Information

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Debt can be scary, but we're here to relieve your budget problems.Sometimes debtors may be better served by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy creates a payment plan to pay off some or all a debtor’s debts. This is helpful when an individual needs to catch up payments on a secured debt, such as a car or a home. It is also helpful if the debtor has a property that is not exempt that they wish to keep. Chapter 13 may also be a good option for those debtors that do not qualify for a Chapter 7 due to income and the means test.

In most cases, the payments made in bankruptcy will be less than trying to pay off the debts otherwise.

A Chapter 13 debtor will come up with a plan to pay off their debts in a structured manner. There are many factors which go into creating this plan. These factors can include the debtor’s ability to pay, equity in assets, and types of debts.

Chapter 13 Information

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Sometimes bankruptcy is not the best option, or there may be better alternatives to bankruptcy.  Our consumer protection attorneys will review your situation and look at all the alternatives to bankruptcy that may help you attack your debt. Click here to learn more about Bankruptcy Alternatives.

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