Underage DWI

If your child or young teen has been arrested for any alcohol-related offense, you should contact an attorney immediately.

The consequences of a DWI conviction can have lifetime effects on your child. You need an aggressive and experienced lawyer who can defend your child’s rights and fight the charges.

Our Experienced team of DWI attorneys have handled thousands of cases.

What happens when a person under 21 gets a DWI in Missouri?

It is important to understand that, while most Missouri drivers can operate a motor vehicle with a BAC as high as .08 without incurring an administrative license suspension, the same does not apply to those under the age of 21. Missouri has strict DWI laws regarding offending underage drivers. There are various factors to consider such as the age of the driver and their Blood Alcohol Concentration at the time of the arrest. Because of these complexities, it is important to contact an attorney with experience representing people under 21 who have been charged with underage DUI.

Time is critical

If you or your child is facing a charge for DWI/DUI and you are under the legal drinking age, it is important that you act quickly.

You may have as few as 15 days to preserve your rights.

If you or someone you love has been charged with underage DWI in the St. Louis or St. Charles areas, you will need the advice and guidance of a DWI lawyer who is experienced handling underage drunk driving cases.

At The Lampin Law Firm, we provide aggressive legal representation to underage drivers who have been arrested for DWI throughout the State of Missouri. Young drivers have a lot to lose when confronted with this type of situation. We are here to help. Contact our office today to arrange a free consultation.

For more information on Missouri’s Abuse and Lose Law click here to visit www.courts.mo.gov.


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