Have You Developed Permanent Hair Loss after Taking the Chemotherapy Drug Taxotere®?

Taxotere is the brand name of the drug docetaxel, which is also sometimes sold under the name Docefrez. It is in the drug class known as “taxanes” and is administered intravenously in chemotherapy and various cancer treatments. A large number of breast cancer patients received the chemotherapy drug Taxotere® as a part of their cancer treatment. Some cancer patients allege that Taxotere® causes permanent hair loss and that the manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, failed to warn them or even hid the risk from them and their healthcare providers.

While chemotherapy patients often lose their hair, the hair loss is typically temporary with hair growing back shortly after completion of their cancer treatments. However, the hair loss associated with Taxotere® may be permanent and irreversible. This type of hair loss is called alopecia and can cause full body permanent hair loss, including loss of

  • head hair
  • eyebrows
  • eyelashes
  • pubic hair

Former cancer patients who develop this permanent hair loss allege that they simply did not know that it was a potential side effect. What is particularly distressing to these women is that they were never properly warned so that they could make an informed choice. In fact, there may have been a similar drug available that did not carry the risk of permanent and disfiguring hair loss.

Taxotere® Lawsuits Filed Against Sanofi-Aventis Claim Several Legal Action Against The Drug Maker, Including:

  • Selling the drug without properly testing it.
  • Failing to determine whether the drug was safe.
  • Selling the drug without disclosing the dangers or risks.
  • Failing to properly warn patients and health care providers.
  • Misleading the public in advertising and marketing.
  • Manufacturing a dangerous drug.
  • Concealing information from the public.
  • Downplaying the dangers associated with the drug.

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