CDL Drivers and DWI in Missouri

Do you have a commercial drivers license (CDL) and have been charged with DWI?

dwi breath test missouri st. charles jailWhat to do if you have a CDL and get a DWI:

These cases require a specific approach and are very different from the majority of cases involving clients without these specialized endorsements.

The laws in the State of Missouri treat CDL holders differently than other drivers and the consequences of a DWI can be much more devastating. Our lawyers know how to handle these types of cases and have the experience that is required to handle them.

With so much on the line, you need an attorney who understands the importance of your case.

Protecting your Commercial Driver’s License

If you have a CDL and have been charged with an alcohol-related driving offense, the potential consequences can be severe.  A second DUI can result in a LIFETIME SUSPENSION OF YOUR CDL. We know that this means that your livelihood hangs in the balance. We are here to help.

The experienced DWI lawyers at The Lampin Law Firm have successfully represented many truck drivers and commercial drivers accused of driving while intoxicated. We will work tirelessly to keep you employed and behind the wheel. We know that your future depends on it.

Even if you received a DWI while operating your personal vehicle, your CDL is on the line.


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